Vanilla Pancake Mix

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Made with Wheat, Sorghum, Millets, Seeds, and Almonds, our delicious Pancake mix contains no maida, refined sugar, preservatives, artificial colours, or flavours. 

It's the perfect breakfast or snack for kids and adults alike. This mix produces light and fluffy pancakes - just the way we love them! 


Our delicious Vanilla Pancake Mix are made pure with love with ONLY the following ingredients: 

Millets 35%
Oats 34%
Natural Identical Flavour (Vanilla) Balance
Sorghum (Jowar Flour), Foxtail Millets, Ragi, Baking Powder
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Vanilla Pancake Mix

Regular price Rs. 185
Sale price Rs. 185 Regular price Rs. 199

100% Clean 🍃 

100% Delicious 😋

Our food contains NO preservatives, NO artificial flavours, NO added sugars, or NO hydrogenated fats

The best reviews we've gotten so far for our Pancake Mixes

Morning Rituals

My family loves having cookies in the morning; it's a tradition to pair them with chai. When I ordered these new jeera-flavored cookies, everyone absolutely loved them.

Payal, Nagpur

via Instagram DMs

Craving Saviour

I've always had a fondness for the jeera flavor. I find it perfect for any time, especially during work-from-home days or lengthy office calls.

Sameer, Bangalore

via Instagram DMs

On My Move

Rushing is always part of my schedule, so I opted to keep something healthy yet tasty in my car for munching while driving. It's worth savoring every single bite.

Adil, Delhi

via Mail

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