Healthier Oats & Seeds Cookies

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Our delicious Oats & Seeds Cookies are made with healthier ingredients, ensuring you get the goodness of oat flour, watermelon and pumpkin seeds, quinoa and ragi. We use only high-quality jaggery and white butter while making these. The cookies are delicious, with a 🍪 crunchy texture and rich flavour that keeps you fuller for longer.💯


Our delicious Oats & Seeds Cookies are made pure with love with ONLY the following ingredients: 

Oats Flour
White Butter
Seeds (Pumpkin, Watermelon & Quinoa)
Instant Oats (5%), Ragi Flour, Milk, Baking Powder, Cinnamon Powder
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100% Clean 🍃 

100% Delicious 😋

Our food contains NO preservatives, NO artificial flavours, NO added sugars, or NO hydrogenated fats

The best reviews we've gotten so far for our Oats & Seeds Cookies

Tasty and Healthy

Initially, I doubted the tastiness of these healthy cookies due to their health-focused nature, but upon trying them, I was pleasantly surprised by their delicious and wholesome flavor. I absolutely loved them.

Satish, Indore

via Instagram DMs

Nice Packaging

I ordered a pack of 5, and the cookies arrived in perfect packaging. The taste was delightful, providing a refreshing experience every time.

Zeenal, Mumbai

via Instagram DMs

Perfect for my Child

My 7-year-old, who usually fusses about food, took a liking to these healthy cookies the moment I offered them.

Anu, Ahmedabad

via Instagram DMs

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